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The Bay Cup

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Bay Cup at SCRMNTO: DV3WS1, DV3MS1, UWS1, UMS1 Nov 4, 2018
Bay Cup event. Entry fees: $30.00 and an additional $30.00 if you don't have a Bay Cup pass. SORRY NO CREDIT CARDS. Cash or check only.
Sacramento Saber Fencing: Rancho Cordova, CA
posted 08/24/2018
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8:30 AM - Doors Open
10:00 AM - Mens Unrated
10:00 AM - Women Unrated
11:00 AM - Women D/Under
Noon - Mens D/Under These are close of Registration times.


$30 non-member fee per tournament (covers multiple events per day)

This is a Bay Cup tournament. In addition to the event fee, a Bay Cup Tournament Registration Fee is required for all non-Bay Cup members.

The Bay Cup tournament registration fee is waived for season members. Season membership is a better deal for those who plan to compete in more than 4 Bay Cup tournaments over the course of the season. Bay Cup fees pay for medals, year-end prizes, administration and management of Bay Cup operations, referee development, and tournament subsidies to the host clubs to help with their operating expenses.

To purchase a Bay Cup Season Membership, visit


Regular Entry: $30.00

Late/At-the-door Registration Policy: $40.00 with a current USFA card
$50.00 with no USFA card


One round of pools with 100% promotion to simple direct eliminations.


By registering for the tournament, you as a participant, or your parent or guardian for participants under the age of 18, are confirming that you or your parent or guardian have read and are in agreement with the conditions of the waiver located at the Resources section of The Bay Cup website:

By registering for the tournament you are accepting of the photo/video release. To opt out, inform the organizers of the tournament.

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Pre-registration closes at midnight on previous Sunday of this event.