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The Bay Cup

Preregistration List

Bay Cup at MTEAMEB: Y12WF4 Sun 05/21
MTEAMEB: El Cerrito, CA
posted 07/31/2016

  All event times are Close of Registration.
Unrated Y12 Women's Foil      Sun 05/21    reg close: 10:00AM
39 Fencers: 1C 2E's 36U's  could be a NR event.
(Depending on who shows and where they place. See USFA chart for details.)
Fencer Club Rating
Korol, Dana
Korol, Neta
Sun, Chienyu
Sun, Ruoxi
Castaneda, Erika
Kim, Hyunchae
Zhang, Sylvia
Tan, Clarisse
Fernandes, Thea
Lee, Isabelle
Lee, Bethanie
Lum, Kiana
Talwalkar, Apoorva
Cao, Arianna
Walbert, Charlotte
Suleiman, Alysa
Kang, Maureen S
Lau, Chloe
Xu, Marie-Anne
Oh, Erin
Wang, Catherine
Takamizawa, Yukari
Kong, Olivia
Green, Perri
Li, Phoebe E2016 
Suleiman, Alena
Knight, Skylar C2017 
Lu, Katherine
Alten, Ayaka
Shitamoto, Audrey
Cheng, Lydia
Yeh, Marissa
Chung, Jaein
Mitloff, Allison
Welborn, Calissa
Petrova, Kristina E2017 
Pant, Anisha
Lee, Samantha
Narberes, Emily