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The Bay Cup

Bay Cup Circuit Tournament Results

728 Tournament Results
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Tournament Dates(s)
Bay Cup at SCRMNTO: JWS2, JMS2, WS2, VXS2, RXS1  
Bay Cup at HALB: JMF3, DV2MF1, UWF1, UMF1, VXF2  
Bay Cup at EBFG: XE2, RXE1, VWE2  
Bay Cup: Y10XE2 Y12XE2 Y14WE2 Y14ME2 JWE2 JME2 WE2  
Bay Cup at SCRMNTO: DV3WS1, DV3MS1, UWS1, UMS1  
Bay Cup at AFM-SUN: Y14WF2, Y14MF2, JWF2, JMF2  
Bay Cup at DFA: VXE1, VWE1, Vet Epee Pool Party  
Bay Cup at TFC:Y10WF2 Y10MF2 Y12WF2 Y12MF2 XF2 WF2  
Bay Cup: Y10XS2 Y10WS2 Y12WS2 Y12MS2 Y14WS2 Y14MS2  
Bay Cup at NBFA: WE1, DV2WE1, JWE1  
Bay Cup: Y10XE1 Y12XE1 Y14WE1 Y14ME1 JME1  
Bay Cup at MFA: DV1XE1, DV2ME1  
Bay Cup at EGF: JMF1, JWF1, DV1XF1, DV2WF1  
Bay Cup at HALB: JMS1, JWS1, XS1, WS1, VXS1  
Bay Cup at EGF: XF1, WF1, VXF1  
Bay Cup: Y10WF1 Y10MF1 Y12WF1 Y12MF1 Y14WF1 Y14MF1  
The Bay Cup's Battle of the Bay DV1A ROC  
The Bay Cup's Battle of the Vets  
Bay Cup at MFA: XE1, DV1VXE1, DV3VXE1  
Bay Cup: Y10WS1,Y10XS1,Y12WS1,Y12MS1,Y14WS1,Y14MS1