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The Bay Cup

Final Results: Bay Cup at HALB: JMF3, XF3, DV1MF2

Junior (U20) Men's Foil:    32 Competitors, a C2 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Mulligan, James B2016   
2   Sohn, Christopher C2017   
3   Hadler, Benjamin C2016   
3   Knight, Ethan C2016   
5   Liu, Justin C2016   
6   Zhang, Vincent C2016   
7   Barca-Hall, Tristan C2016   
8   Lombardi, Leo D2016   
9   Sherman, Marco D2017   
10   Wadsworth, Drew C2016   
11   Tran, Andrew C2015   
12   Langen, Carter D2016   
13   Ramamurthy, Sriram E2016   
14   Yang, Andy D2017   
15   Bermender, Cameron B2016   
16   Zheng, Alan D2017   
17   Lui, Sebastian C2016   
18   Oh, Samuel D2016   
19   Sood, Kishan  
20   Shay, Derek E2016   
21   Hall, Harper  
22   Kong, Kenneth E2015   
23   Gu, Darren C2015   
24   Adams, Luke C2016   
25   Lurssen, Emmett E2015   
26   Ko, Tyler  
27   Biery, Geo E2016   
28   Park, Brian D2016   
29   Wu, Andrew  
30   Villegas, Alexander  
31   Vogelstein, Samuel  
32   Kalucha, Kanav  
Senior Mixed Foil:    32 Competitors, a B2 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Mulligan, James B2016  B2017 
2   Bermender, Cameron B2016   
3   Adams, Luke C2016  C2017 
3   Desai, Nalin B2016   
5   Sohn, Christopher C2017   
6   Oh, Samuel D2016  D2017 
7   Hadler, Benjamin C2016   
8   Zheng, Alan D2017   
9   Melcher, Jack C2014   
10   Bhatt, Morgane B2016   
11   Ben-Shach, Gilad D2016   
12   Sherman, Marco D2017   
13   Park, Brian D2016   
14   Barca-Hall, Tristan C2016   
15   Yang, Andy D2017   
16   Zhang, Vincent C2016   
17   Lutton, Tom A2016   
18   Tran, Andrew C2015   
19   Fiatarone, Dr. James C2016   
20   Langen, Carter D2016   
21   Gu, Darren C2015   
22   Stopka, Wiktor  
23   Ko, Tyler  
24   Baldwin, Timothy C2015   
25   Bhatt, Jay E2014   
26   Hall, Harper  
27   Yeung, Nicholas E2016   
28   Jiao, Kevin  
29   Lee, Maxwell  
30   Wang, Jonathan  
31   Dronniou, Nicolas  
32   Lo, Kevin  
C & Above Senior Men's Foil:    7 Competitors, a E1 Event       
Place Fencer Club Rating* Rating Earned*
1   Desai, Nalin B2016   
2   Barca-Hall, Tristan C2016   
3   Mandoki, Sandor A2014   
3   Mulligan, James B2016   
5   Bermender, Cameron B2016   
6   Tran, Andrew C2015   
7   Fiatarone, Dr. James C2016   
Halberstadt Fencers' Club: San Francisco, CA
* Ratings in FRED are NOT official, and are subject to USFA and division policies. The USFA is the final authority for fencer ratings.